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GHB specializes in design, R&D, manufacture and selling high-tech intelligent 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth- BLE, Universal, Infrared remote controllers. We continuously recruit first-class management and technical talents. We have been committed to the development of high quality market-oriented new products and technological innovation. Variety of GHB remote control models are fashionable, high-end and popular in the international market. Our RC products are widely applied to LCD LED TV, LED Lighting, HD Digital TV, Smart TV, IPTV, Digital Set-Top-Box, Android TV Box, DVB, SAT, Media Player, Computer TV, Google TV, HTPC, MINI PC, Network Player, High-End Audio, DVD, Power Amp-Lifiers, Digital Photo Frame, Audio-Visual Systems, Projector, Electrified Education System, Fans, Air Conditioning and other electric devices. 

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